During the last year our community has faced immense trauma, from the physical loss of life, to loss of employment, loss of home and continued uncertainty. Through this pandemic, the City and the region have come together to support our residents by understanding that not only do they need economic or health support but emotional support as well. Our collective grief is something that must be recognized.

This led the City of Detroit Office of Arts, Culture and Entrepreneurship, the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and the Cranbrook Art Museum to create a permanent, living memorial to this time to promote healing and show support for our community.

We call it The Healing Memorial. 

The project was conceived by world-renowned and Cranbrook-educated artist Sonya Clark as an interpretation of her Beaded Prayer exhibit, which has traveled the world for more than a decade.

For this project, residents will be encouraged to create small memorial pouch (fits in the palm of the hand) using fabric from their loved ones or donated material. These fabric pouch will be gathered by the thousands to create a tapestry of memories to be displayed at Detroit’s TCF Center downtown. 

Throughout the summer of 2021, making stations will be set up at various community events, churches, day camps, shops and along the Dequindre Cut to give all residents across metro Detroit an opportunity to contribute to this collective memorial. The completed work will be unveiled on the City of Detroit’s official Covid Memorial Day - August 31st.

Interested in helping?
We know that thousands of residents were impacted by the pandemic. With your help, we can make sure that the largest number of people have the chance to participate.

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