Detroit Free Press - April 12, 2015 [DETROIT] - Imagine turning Matty Moroun's dilapidated train station into the world's largest children's museum.

Imagine an international cable car system from lower Woodward Avenue in Detroit to Oulette in Windsor.

Imagine a gigantic Ferris Wheel, like the London Eye, on Hart Plaza.

That's what some readers imagined when I returned from drooling over Sydney's famed Opera House and asked: What signature, iconic structure could we build that says, "Detroit! Detroit! Detroit!"

Now that we've dodged doom and we're rebuilding our infrastructure and reputation, why not create a place that would be our Eiffel Tower, our Space Needle, our Taj Mahal? Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert is planning something epic on the former site of the beloved Hudson's department store. But why stop there? Read more...